Friday, February 13, 2009

Pi Scarf

Pi Scarf:
Here's a pattern for a soft, drapey tube scarf with stripes based on the first 100 digits of pi.

Materials: Spa, approx. 2 skeins, shown in color Misty Taupe. Bernat Satin Sport, approx. 2 skeins, shown in color Jade. Feel free to substitute any sport/dk yarn.
Needles: Size 6 DPNs or circular needle.

Cast on 72 sts, join in the round (Note: This makes a pretty wide scarf, as you can see in the picture. Feel free to cast on a smaller amount of sts for a thinner scarf, as long as you use a multiple of 2). If you are using a circular needle, I recommend placing a stitch marker on your needle at this point to mark the start of the round. Knit stripes that are as many rows long as the digits of pi, alternating between the two colors (So start with 3 rows of color 1, 1 row of color 2, 4 rows of color 1, and so on...). When the number 0 comes up, knit a dotted line by alternating between the two colors with every stitch all the way around. When you switch colors, keep the yarn on the inside of the tube so it will be hidden. You don't have to cut the yarn every time you switch colors, just run the color you're not using along the inside of the tube. Keep knitting until you have 100 stripes, or the scarf is at the desired length. Cast off.

(Notes for a worsted weight version: The fabric created by the Spa and Bernat Satin is very soft and drapey, but the thin yarn and small needle size means this scarf takes quite a while to complete. For a quicker, thicker scarf- Use size 8 needles, any worsted weight yarn, and cast on 60 sts to start with.)

First 100 digits of pi:


(If you don't want fringe- just sew the ends of your tube together and you're done). Cut 36 12'' pieces of yarn from both colors used (for scarf sizes other than 72 sts- Take the number of stitches you cast on, divide by two, then cut that many pieces of yarn of each color). Starting on the bottom edge of the scarf where the beginning of the round is, use a needle or crochet hook to thread each piece of fringe through a stitch on the front and the corresponding stitch on the back. Pull the piece of yarn so the ends are at an even length, then tie it in a single knot. Continue this for all the stitches along the end of the scarf for both ends, alternating between the two colors, so the bottom of the tube is now tied closed. Divide the fringe at each end into 6 equal groups of 6 pieces of fringe each, then tie them into a knot near where they join to the scarf.

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